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Note: Smoking is not allowed in any of the Residence Halls at St. Catharine College.

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*Room and Board Rates are available through the “Tuition and Costs” webpage of the “Paying for College” section of our website..

Residence Life

*** Due to limited space students are encouraged to apply early. A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $25.00 is required to secure a housing assignment. Housing assignments will not be secured without the deposit. (The housing deposit is applied to the housing expense.)

St. Catharine College strives to provide a healthy environment for student growth, both academic and personal. Creating a pleasant living environment requires more than compliance with the rules. Because community living requires cooperation, acceptance for residency status is considered a privilege rather than a right.

I, if accepted, agree to accept an assignment in the residence hall. In accepting this agreement, I understand that I am entering into a contract with St. Catharine College for housing accommodations in a residence hall in accordance with conditions stated in the student handbook as well as the residence life handbook. I understand that I must be a full time student actively pursuing at least 12 hours per semester, attending classes regularly in order to live in the residence halls. I will also agree to pay all occupancy charges and damage assessments when due. I understand that occupancy charges are billed to my account with payment expected at the beginning of each semester.

I also understand that a $100.00 damage deposit will be charged to my account prior to move in. The deposit is refundable at the end of the school year if the room is returned to its original condition, the student has not damaged College property, and after all other financial obligations to the College have been fulfilled.