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St. Catharine College Patriot Camp

Patriot Camp File 2015If your first day of college were to start today, would you feel prepared? If you have answer yes to this question or love taking on new challenges then Patriot Camp is for you! St. Catharine is offering Patriot Camp to first-year students who want to prepare themselves for the various aspects of college life such as academics, campus involvement, or developing new friendships. Patriot Camp is a three-day event, and will be held at the Life Adventure Center located in Versailles, Kentucky. The camp will conclude at St. Catharine College with an overnight stay. Activities to look forward to include: team building, ropes course, educational sessions, a service project, hiking/campfire, and more!

Our Goal

To offer a memorable college experience which enables you to:

  • Understand the academic and personal expectations of college
  • Create new friendships
  • Develop a new understanding of yourself when you are out of your comfort zone


Who Will Be "Camping" With You?

You will not take this adventure alone. We have selected excellent faculty, staff, and student leaders who are passionate about students seeking a successful transition to college. You will also be with other first-year students who are as eager as you to have a successful start to college. You can browse the camp schedule which is located on the left side of this page.


I am "All-In!" How do I Sign Up?

You can sign up for Patriot Camp by completing the online registration form located on the left side of this page. The cost of the trip is $50 and you can make a secure payment via credit card or check. Please make checks out to: St. Catharine College and in the memo line please write Patriot Camp. Please note that the trip is limited to only 20 students and spots will fill up fast! We hope that you take advantage of this great leadership opportunity and feel free to contact me if you have questions.



Ticha Chikuni
Dean of Students
859-336-5082 Ext. 1257

Erica Osborne
Director of Student Success Services
859-336-5082 Ext. 1273