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Health Resources

Health and personal wellness are important aspects of a college student’s total development during the college years.  Being attentive to your overall level of physical, spiritual, and emotional health will help you to be successful in reaching your academic goals.

Some of the resources available to St. Catharine College students are:

  • College Counselor—confidential personal counseling  available free of charge to SSt. Catharine College studentCC students, appointments can be set by calling 859-336-5082 x1213 or e-mailing the College Counselor Jane
  • Athletic Trainer—student athletes at SCC have access to the athletic trainer for injuries and other issues related to athletic competition or practice; the trainer is also a valuable referral source for students experiencing illness
  • Health Fair—an annual health fair provides health information to students in a wide variety of areas from skin and breast cancer awareness to smoking cessation and flu prevention
  • Residence Life Programming—students living in the residence halls will have opportunities to learn about a variety of health and wellness issues through residence hall educational programming; topics include stress management, anger management, and safe tanning.   Alcohol education is a topic that is emphasized through participation in the annual National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness week and additional resources such as on-line educational programs.
  • Residence Life Staff—professional staff and student staff members are trained in CPR and can be valuable resources to students experiencing physical or emotional health issues from stress and anxiety to cold and flu.  In cases of health emergencies in the residence halls, residence life staff can assist in making arrangements for the student to receive medical attention.

Nearby community resources include:

  • Washington County Health Center—just a few miles from campus in downtown Springfield, the health department is easily accessible to SCC students; see their website for the variety of services available or call 859-336-3989.
  • Spring View Clinic—a service of Spring View Hospital that provides patient focused health care by an advanced registered nurse practitioner.  Located at 137 W. Main Street in Springfield, no appointment is necessary.  Call 859-336-0771 for more information.
  • Ephraim McDowell Springfield Family Medical Center - quality care close to home brought to you by Ephraim McDowell Health at 280 Lincoln Drive, Springfield.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (859) 336-9801.
  • Taylor Family Practice - Walk-in appointments available at 445 Lincoln Drive in Springfield.  The phone number is 859-336-7731.
  • Immediate Care Centers—nearby Bardstown has two immediate care centers that are utilized by SCC students experiencing illness or health related problems:  Flaget Health Center (502-348-3400) and Bardstown Ambulatory Care (502-350-1021)
  • Local Physicians—a number of physicians in Washington, Nelson, and Marion counties are available in a variety of specialty areas
  • Local Hospitals—Bardstown’s Flaget Hospital, Springview Hospital in Lebanon, and Ephraim McDowell Hospital in Danville are all less than 30 minutes from campus
  • Nelson County Community Clinic— The Nelson County Community Clinic is a charitable healthcare organization that provides basic medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical services, free of charge, to the residents of Nelson County who are employed yet incapable of affording health care services. 
  • Local ambulance services—available when emergency transportation is needed.

St. Catharine College encourages all students to maintain current health insurance coverage.  A number of policies are available to full-time college students through national carriers.