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Counseling ServicesAcademic Counseling

St. Catharine College provides counseling assistance for the full range of problems and needs which students may encounter. For academic counseling, each student is assigned an academic advisor from the faculty or staff who helps with the planning of a sound academic program. If there are questions about a specific course, the student is also encouraged to seek the advice of the course instructor. If the student is still confused or unsure about an academic matter, the Registrar is available to help.

Personal counseling is available on campus and is provided by the College Counselor, Jane Lanham, LCSW.  The College Counselor can assist with a wide variety of issues such as decision making, test anxiety, relationship issues, stress, depression, and more.  Counseling services are provided free of charge.  Students may set up an appointment with the counselor by calling 859-336-5082, ext.1400.  The counselor's office is in the lower level of the Hamilton Health & Sciences Building,  Room 116, First Floor Hamilton.

Members of the college staff such as Vice President of Student Affairs, Director of Residence Life, Hall Directors and others are available to provide assistance and referrals to counseling resources.  All of the Resident Assistants are available for peer counseling assistance.

Counselor Hours

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10:30 am – 3.00 pm

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