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Chris Mattingly

Chris Mattingly

Meet Christopher Mattingly

Chris just “wasn’t that into Halloween,” not until he came to St. Catharine College, that is.  He didn’t attend Halloween parties or dress in costume after childhood until he was introduced to the “fun atmosphere at St. Catharine that increased my enthusiasm for the holiday.”  This 5th year senior celebrated Halloween in a big way this year.  He came to the annual Halloween Dance and costume competition dressed as “V” from the movie Vendetta with a large group of friends.  Chris was also a judge for the faculty and staff costume competition that occurred earlier in the day in the Dining Center.  Picking the winners was no small task as St. Catharine faculty and staff are really into the holiday too!  And, just days before, Chris was one of the student members of the Drama Club, also known as “SCC Players,” who worked to put together “Spooked at SCC.”  This event combined readings and dramatic interpretations of bloodcurdling tales and scary classic works of literature in a spooky graveyard setting created on campus and set with blacklights.

Chris, a liberal arts major from Loretto, Kentucky, describes his journey at St. Catharine as “an evolution.”  He tells about growing from a timid freshman whose chief concerns were “getting to class on time and calling my professors by the right title” to his current role as president of the Student Government Association.  Sharing this story with the entering freshman class at the summer orientation sessions, Chris encouraged new students to envision what they can become by getting involved at St. Catharine.  Chris is also representing St. Catharine students as a voting member of the Board of Trustees.  This is quite a journey from where he began!

Also involved in Campus Ministry activities and the Judiciary Council, Chris finds time to hold down a work study position on campus and excel in his academics.  He can frequently be found in the SGA office talking with a student about a concern or suggestion, joking with Dr. Wallace in the Hamilton Hall lobby, or competing fiercely in a game of Crusader with best friend, Doug Perry.  These two have been talking since freshman year about starting a Procrastinators Club on campus, but they still haven’t quite gotten around to it . . .