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Meet Brittini Schmidt

Brittini Schmidt Meet Brittini Schmidt

A second-year nursing student at St. Catharine College, Brittini Schmidt works diligently toward preparing herself for her chosen career while getting involved in the out-of-the-classroom learning experience. Brittini came to St. Catharine from the small town of Rhodelia in Meade County, Kentucky, but she has big aspirations.

Brittini chose St. Catharine College because of its reputation in the field of nursing.  A volleyball scholarship helped to seal the deal.  She played for her first two years and managed to keep a 4.0 grade point average, even with practices, away games, and tournament competition.  This earned her all conference academic honors! She has fond memories of volleyball trips and all the “silly and random” things that she and her teammates would do to celebrate a win or boost morale after a loss.

Now her focus has become concentrated on preparing for her career in nursing.  She enjoys the one-on-one time with instructors which she feels helps prepare her for the challenging field she has chosen.  Her favorite spot on campus these days is the nursing lab where she’s learning the skills she needs for the future.  “Ms. Voiles is like a mom to us,” says Brittini of one of her favorite professors.

Brittini met her match with the Fundamentals of Nursing course in which she earned her first B in college.  She says it was a challenge, but she feels confident having “gotten over that first step” that she is learning and achieving.

Brittini has worked as a Student Ambassador in the Admissions office and served as a Summer Orientation Assistant.  She went with a group of students and staff to the Summer Regional Orientation Workshop in March 2010 where she got to meet student orientation leaders from across the southeast.  Brittini was key in bringing new ideas back to campus and implementing them into St. Catharine’s orientation program.

Now serving as a Resident Assistant, Brittini enjoys “getting to be a part of building a community in the residence halls and helping keep St. Catharine students safe.”  She also has a lot of fun with residents and fellow RAs on trips to Walmart and Wings & Rings!