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Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson

Meet Brandon Johnson

A junior at St. Catharine College, Brandon Johnson plans to graduate from SCC in 2012 with a BA in Business Management. His hometown is just 45 minutes away in Radcliff, Kentucky, but his dreams are going to take him around the world

After graduation, Brandon wants to spend a few years overseas playing basketball professionally. After that, he is pondering the possibilities of returning to school to earn a master’s degree.

Brandon was recruited out of high school to play basketball at St. Catharine, but a desire to be nearer to home caused him to opt for the University of Louisville instead. During his freshman year, when he found himself playing more intramural basketball than intercollegiate, he rethought his decision to attend Louisville. His sophomore year found Brandon at St. Catharine. “It’s the best decision I ever made,” he commented. “When I was at the University of Louisville, I didn’t feel close to the faculty. Here it is different. I love being close to the faculty and getting to know them well,” Brandon continued.

This year, Brandon’s favorite class is biology, but the instructor who has had the greatest impact on him is Mrs. Hatton and the leadership class she taught. “I’m captain of the basketball team this year and I’m able to use the skills I learned in her class right now,” Brandon commented.

 Brandon lives in campus housing and last year served as a resident assistant. He enjoys the atmosphere of group living, especially the pick-up basketball games and Pepsi Pong competitions between floors.

Brandon’s quiet confidence, easy smile, and affable personality make him a well regarded student on campus and he was named to the court of Mr. & Miss St. Catharine College.  He’s also well respected as a student who puts priority on his academics, having been named to the Dean’s list and maintaining above a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

Brandon Johnson has come a long way from Radcliff, Kentucky, and it looks like life is going to take him on many exciting adventures in the years ahead.