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Jerry Grider

Jerry Grider

Meet Jerry Grider – Class of 2000

Jerry Grider’s college experience was not typical, but it has a happy ending, and St. Catharine College played an integral part in it.  Jerry grew up in Springfield and first attended St. Catharine College in 1970.   Although he enjoyed the atmosphere and the people at St. Catharine, Jerry decided that College just wasn’t right for him at that time.  He left St. Catharine to pursue other interests, and worked eight years at Jim Beam Distillery and 13 years at Armour Foods.

Fate has a funny way of bringing you back, and Jerry returned to St. Catharine College almost 30 years later.  He graduated from St. Catharine in 2000 and went on to Bellarmine College in Louisville, KY to complete his Accounting Degree.  Jerry had many excellent Professors during his time at St. Catharine, some of whom are still teaching here.  “Dr. Mike Halloran was my biggest cheerleader, and I especially enjoyed my on-campus discussions with Dr. Harry Toder – these were extremely thought provoking.  The Passover Seder hosted by Dr. David Wallace and his wife was one of the best history lessons ever.  These professors were both friends and mentors during my years at St. Catharine.” remembers Jerry.

“I recently had one of the greatest feelings in my life, outside of my family experiences,” says Jerry, “when Steve Hale, another member of the Washington County High School class of ’70, told me he is now enrolled at St. Catharine because of the example I set.”

Jerry and his wife Inez live in Springfield with their two sons, Bob and Mark.  Jerry works as an Accountant and continues to support St. Catharine College as both a volunteer and a donor.