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Becky Barber Burns

Becky Burns

Meet Becky Barber Burns – Class of 1985

Becky Barber Burns has many connections to St. Catharine College.  Her mother, Jane Kelly Barber, graduated from St. Catharine Academy in 1941, and her older sister, Mary Jane Barber Schmidt, graduated from St. Catharine Academy in 1960.  In addition, several of her Aunts also attended St. Catharine.  Becky’s mother instilled in her a love of the power of learning from an early age.  Jane Kelly Barber was an advocate for education her entire life, and Becky knew she wanted to help children in the same way.  Attending St. Catharine College seemed like the perfect fit, and it was.  “I enjoyed the small classes and individual attention I received at St. Catharine.  The faculty knew me by name, and that meant a lot to me.” remembers Becky.  After receiving her Associates Degree from St. Catharine in 1985, Becky attended Campbellsville University and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education.  She went on to complete her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education at Georgetown University.

After moving to Versailles, Becky taught at St. Leo Catholic Elementary School.  She has three daughters, Jane, Katherine and Anna.  Becky worked as a stay-at-home Mom for several years while the girls were young, but eventually she felt the urge to teach again.  She found the perfect fit for her busy schedule back at St. Leo working as a Teacher’s Aide and now additionally fills the role of Eighth Grade Religion Teacher. 

Becky’s lifelong love of teaching, originally instilled in her by her mother, and nurtured at St. Catharine College, has made for a fulfilling and rewarding career.