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Student Employment

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FEDERAL COLLEGE WORK-STUDY- The College Work-Study program enables students who demonstrate financial need to work on campus.  The jobs are arranged by the financial aid office with students assigned to supervisors. Supervisors will arrange work schedules around the student's classes, athletic schedules and outside work schedules. Application deadline will come at a later date.

RESIDENT HALL INTERNSHIP– These students must be a non-athlete who lives in the dormitory and will be required to work for the residence life department in various capacities. Duties may include, but are not limited to residence hall desk duty, student center monitoring, residence life office assistant, mail delivery and/or student activities assistant. If you were awarded and accepted an internship opportunity from your financial aid award letter Clay D'Lugos, the Director of Residence Life and Student Activities will contact you at a later date.

STUDENT AMBASSADOR- St. Catharine College Student Ambassadors organization is a group of student leaders chosen to represent the student body to work with the Admissions Office both on campus and off.  Student Ambassadors, are current degree seeking students, who are selected to represent St Catharine College at several functions throughout the school year. They work closely with our Admissions office to welcome prospective students and special guests to our campus.  For more information or to apply to be a student ambassador contact the admissions office.