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Scholarships and Grants

Finding Funds for College

There are a number of funding options available for St. Catharine College students, including scholarships and grants that require no repayment after graduation. If the scholarship or grant you are interested in is not privately funded (named), there is no need to apply. You will automatically be awarded all grant and non-private scholarship funds for which you are eligible. Funded scholarships – those with a name attached (see list below) – require a separate application which you can download from this page.

A full 98 percent of SCC students receive some form of financial aid, including scholarships, some of which are listed below:



Criteria  (other stipulations may apply)

The Darrel W. Richardson Psychiatric Nursing Excellence Award

Recipient will be chosen by the nursing faculty. Student must demonstrate excellence both academically and in clinical setting of the NUR 202 Psychiatric Nursing course.

Thomas W. Smith Nursing Scholarship

Nursing student that has completed at least one semester of nursing.

Julie Marie Mudd Memorial Scholarship

Washington County resident. Student must demonstrate financial need.

Knights of Columbus Scholarship

Washington or Marion County resident and have a relative that is a member of Knight of Columbus. Student must demonstrate financial need.

Lancaster Agency

Resident of Marion, Washington or Nelson county. Majoring in Business or related field. Demonstrate need.

Mattingly, Simms, Robinson & McCain Scholarship

Washington County resident. Awarded to a non-traditional student that demonstrates financial need.

Nicole E. Curtis Memorial Scholarship

Education major, student must demonstrate need.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Membership in PTK, admission to Education, Nursing, Radiology, Sonography or Psychology terminal programs. Recommendation of Committee comprised of PTK advisors and one Faculty member along with a 500 word essay relating to the student's profession choice to the four PTK hallmarks.

Thomas Eugene Spragens, III Memorial Scholarship

Marion County resident. Must demonstrate need.

Dominican Sisters Scholarship

Awarded primarily to students that do not qualify for other types of financial aid.

Dr. J.D. and Betty Huston Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student that demonstrates financial need.

Four Winds Scholarship

Awarded to a non-traditional, Marion County student that demonstrates financial need.

Fran Blandford Memorial Scholarship

Washington, Marion or Nelson County resident that demonstrates need.

Fred Edelen Scholarship

Primarily, awarded to a Washington County resident that demonstrates need. Secondarily, awarded to a Marion or Nelson County resident that demonstrates need.

Hale Organ Scholarship

Central Kentucky resident that is able to play an organ or piano.

Tommy Haydon Memorial Scholarship

Primarily Washington County resident with a 2.5 GPA that demonstrates financial need.

Trustee Scholarship

Student must demonstrate financial need.

Brooks-Skinner Scholarship

Student must be a Kentucky resident that demonstrated financial need that participates in the SCC golf program.

Haydon Family Scholarship

Student must demonstrate financial need.

Mary Lavinia Graves Scholarship

Student must demonstrate financial need.

Multicultural Scholarship

Awarded to any parish member from St. Monica Parish or Holy Rosary Church who chooses to attend SCC to advance their education. Student must provide a letter from the pastor of your respective church verifying parish membership.


Resident Hall Internship

These students must be a non-athlete who lives in the resident halls and will be required to work for the residence life department in various capacities. Duties may include, but are not limited to residence hall desk duty, student center monitoring, residence life office assistant, mail delivery and/or student activities assistant. If you are awarded and accept this internship opportunity, the Assistant Director of Residential Operations will contact you at a later date.

No- automatic consideration given to all eligible students

Jump-Start Incentive

A scholarship awarded to a first-time freshmen enrolling at SCC who successfully participated in SCC's Dual Credit and/or High School on Campus programs during their High School years. Student must take advantage of this opportunity in the fall semester, immediately after their senior year of high school. Scholarship is renewable with a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

No- automatic consideration given to all eligible students