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Dr. Slocum recently published a book

Dr. Rob Slocum recently discussed his new book, "Seeing & Believing". Check out the video below to hear more about his most recently published book.

An author reception and book signing at St. Catharine College’s Emily W. Hundley Library will take place Thursday, March at 4 p.m. on the second-floor mezzanine.

The author presenting will be Dr. Rob Slocum. His latest book “Seeing & Believing: Reflections for Faith” will be the topic of discussion.

The event will be hosted by the library staff and members of Alpha Chi, a national honor society. Alpha Chi members will welcome guests, give the invocation and open up the floor for questions following the presentation.

Slocum recently described the book as “a collection of individual reflections that are based on a particular scene or image of a particular moment in time.”

“It could be a moment in a story like a biblical story, say, Jesus transfigured on a mountaintop or the annunciation of Mary,” Slocum said. “But it doesn’t have to be a biblical story; it might be a moment in time in a personal story.”

There are over 50 reflections, each paired with a photograph.

His book, he said, is meant to be interactive between author and reader.

“It will have my reflection but it also invites the other person’s reflection, the hope being (the book is) a keeper, something that you want to come back to or perhaps add to over time,” Slocum said.

The book is wire-bound and has room for the reader to write their reflections, he said. There’s also a pocket built into the back of the book in case a reader wanted to store notes or drawings inside the book.

This collection of images and reflections came to be, Slocum said, after a lot of contemplation.

“For some time, I’ve been exploring for myself the engagement of image as a starting point for faith,” he said. “Sometimes I’d be going along and just experience a moment in time. Something that I would see, something someone would say, an experience I would have or even just a particularly moving moment in a biblical passage or a book I was reading. I’d say, ‘Wow, that’s a keeper. That’s a point of focus that can be helpful for me but not just for me.’”

The book was published by Forward Movement ( and can be found online. The event on Jan. 9 is free and open to the public. To hear more about the book, go to

Slocum and his wife, Victoria, live in Danville. He’s also an Episcopal priests and assists on Sundays in congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington. He’s also a professor at St. Catharine College.

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