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A special gift from the Peterson family

The following story first appeared in the Fall 2013 edition of News & Views as a column written by Vice President for Advancement Molly Smith.

Did you ever meet one of those people that you instantly knew you were going to like? Kaye Spalding Peterson was one of those people for me. Kaye is a 1977 graduate of St. Catharine, and worked here at the College in our Library for many years. Her generous spirit and positive outlook are well known here at SCC. 

Kaye is a first generation college student, and remembers her small class at St. Catharine in the 70’s. 

"We were like a family," says Kaye. "Everyone helped each other get through the tough times, and the Sisters were so good to us."

Kaye ’s husband, Paul, passed away last year. Before Paul died, he and Kaye decided to include St. Catharine College in their estate plan. According to Kaye, they felt that helping a small school like St. Catharine was the perfect way to share their blessings. 

"We wanted to give back to St. Catharine because it’s the right thing to do and because we wanted to make a difference. Our gift makes a real impact at a small, private school like St. Catharine. We can help some students who need that extra little bit to get them through College."        

In addition, Kaye knows that their very large family will be proud to drive by St. Catharine knowing that Paul and Kaye played a part in the continued success of SCC.

I truly hope Paul and Kaye’s story will be an inspiration to others to support St. Catharine, both now and as a beneficiary in their will. There are many ways to do this, including gifts of stock, life insurance, charitable trusts, etc. In addition, making a monthly or annual gift is the lifeblood that keeps St. Catharine College strong. Your gift may be large, small or somewhere in between, but no matter what the amount, I promise it WILL be put to good use here at SCC. Please contact me at any time if you have questions about how to help St. Catharine and our students. We are truly blessed to still be "like a family". 

Thanks Kaye and Paul!

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