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battlefield I

From left to right: Brooklyn Masterson, Dr. Dave Donathan, Brooke Pearson, Beth Lay and Tim Talbot pose for a class photo "at the left flank of the Union line."

SCC faculty and students complete Kentucky Historical Society training

On Oct. 12, St. Catharine College students and faculty completed the latest partnership with the Kentucky Historical Society’s (KHS) when they successfully completed the KHS Teacher Education Training Workshop at the Perryville Battlefield State Park. While this professional development workshop for Kentucky teachers was limited to only 40 participants statewide, SCC was allotted five training spaces which enabled three students Beth Lay, Brooklyn Masterson, and Brooke Pearson; Dr. David Donathan, the course instructor; and Joe Price, assisting faculty to participate.

battlefield II

From left to right: Tim Talbot, KHS, Beth lay, Joe Price, Brooklyn Masterson, and Brooke Pearson list carefully and Stuart Sanders explains the opening events of the Battle of Perryville.

The students enrolled in an Interdisciplinary Studies Stewardship class focusing on social, cultural, and economic values of historical preservation completed the field training conducted by Tim Talbot from the KHS (who, to add a realistic touch, wore the Civil War field uniform of a Union soldier) and Stuart Sanders, past director of the Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association, during the battlefield walk and classroom sessions.  Brooke Pearson noted that the field training enabled her to gain a personal perspective on the Battle of Perryville because she was “…able to put it all in perspective. Once you see the actual battlefield, you can appreciate what happened during the battle.”

Donathan commented that, while the training concentrated on why historic sites – and the Perryville Battlefield in particular – need to be protected, it was inclusive of both economic benefits to local communities and the critical role these sites place in making history come alive through educational programs such as The School of the Soldier, an interactive workshop primarily designed for elementary schools.

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