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Professor served as contest judge

St. Catharine College professor Dr. Becky Meadows recently served as a judge for the Norman Mailer Writing Award for Middle School and High School Teachers, a yearly creative writing contest for full- and part-time middle school and high school teachers.

Meadows served as a member of a national panel of teachers that judged how well the entries achieved several qualities, including the artful treatment of subject matter, originality, quality of insight, image, voice, style, overall aesthetic and emotional or intellectual effect.

The St. Catharine College professor got involved as a judge after a colleague at the Advanced Placement Language Exam scoring in Louisville found out that Meadows teaches creative writing and asked her to consider judging.

“I was honored to serve as a judge for such a prestigious contest, and it was a terribly difficult job to judge! My biggest concern about contests is that those who don’t win will become discouraged, but honestly, all of the works I read were excellent. It took me hours to rank them,” Meadows said.

Meadows is an associate professor of English and the degree coordinator for the Bachelor of Arts in English program.

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