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Fall 2013 dean's and president's lists announced

St. Catharine College recently announced the list of students who have achieved extraordinary academic success for the Fall 2013 semester.

The dean’s list includes all students who had a grade point average of 3.6 - 3.999.
The following students were recognized for their academic achievement: Narayan Abbi, Courtney Adams, Carrie Akin, Sarah Akrong, Ashley Apple, Carolyn Arnold, Matthew Avis, Casey Baryla, Cody Beasley, Ami Black, Sarah Blair, Sara Blanford, Matthew Bloom, Steven Bryant, Cassie Clark, Brianna Cornett, Charles Coslow, Danielle Coulter, Miriah Cox, Nicole Denman, Emily Fenwick, Natalie Ford, Cameron Fries, Robert Gant, Adrian Garcia, Ramie Goldey, Luzelenia Grant, Kimberly Greer, Savannah Gregorchik, Rachael Griffitts, Paige Hassman, Joseph Hayes, Kayla Hazelip, John Higdon, Sarah Hill, Julie Hirtzel, Brandon Huffman, Matthew Hutchins, Andre Jacomini, Katie Jerome, Courtney Jones, Rebecca Just, Amanda Keeling, Cory Klinger, Heather Knopp, Cassandra Lawton, Hannah Lee, Marc Mason, Stuart Mattingly, Emily McCombs, Karen Meddles, Shelley Medley, Grace Mills, Benjamin Nally, Samantha Osborn, Brooke Pearson, Brandyn Pemberton, Latisha Pendygraft, Amanda Perkins, Kelsie Pulliam, Martha Raley, Theresa Robeck, Isaac Robinson, Sarah Rodriguez, Charles Ryan, Stacey Ryan, Erin Sanders, Jessica Shelton, Jacob Sloan, Jennifer Smith, Taylor Smith, Kerrie Sneed, Valerie Snyder, Ashley Spalding, Chase Spalding, Jessica Spalding, Leslie Stivers, Casey Stone, Olivia Thompson, Laura Turner, Christina Vaughn, Kendal Violette, Rodney Vuick, Tiffany Webb, Shawn West, Daphne White, Josh Whitmer, Alexander Wick, Amanda Wright and Emily Zubricky.

The president’s list includes all students who completed 12 college-level credit hours and maintained a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

The following students were recognized for their academic achievement: Brenna Beams, Brittany Bird, Adrienne Bishop, Emily Bishop, Brian Boone, Brittany Bowling, Crystal Brady, Kelsey Brooks, Dylan Brown, Richard Buckler, Jason Buckman, Brandy Chesser, Porshia Clark, Paul Colvin, Sarah Colvin, Amanda Conrad, Erin Cottrell, Amanda Cox, Alisha Dierdoff, Eric Donnelly, Michelle Dunaway, Mary Ezaizat, Randi Fields, Jessica Frailey, Bryan Gammons, Kayla Garrett, Miranda Goff, Michaela Grundy, Lucia Guthrie, Michael Hardin, Kelsey Hayden, Sarah Haydon, Stephanie Helm, Kinsey Hill, Sadie Hill, Mariah House, Jodie Klein, Ryan Kute, Victoria Mackin, Amelia Mattingly, Ann Mattingly, Kimberly McCoy, Andrew Nelson, Jennarae Niece, Jessica O’Bryan, Charles Powell, Melinda Rice, Michael Rogers, Shelby Rush, Rebekah Sams, Samantha Seger, Jacob Settles, Katherine Simpson, Omar Skinner, Travis Smith, Abbey Sorrells, Joseph Spalding, Hannah Spaulding, Katherine Steff, Shauna Stone, Lance Taylor, Lindsey Vinson, Marvin Wesselburg, Chelsea Wichman, Meghan Wolford and Ashley Young.

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