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Bob Tiell

Bob Tiell visited Dr. Toder's class

On August 28, Mr. Bob Tiell, Director of Career Services at the Jewish Family and Career Services, came to speak to Dr. Toder's Social Problems class.  Mrs. Castellanos' Introduction to Social Work class  joined Dr. Toder's class for this event.

First, Mr. Tiell noted that, although he represented a Jewish organization, in fact, the majority of the organization's clients are not even Jewish.  Therefore, St. Catharine students might wish to avail themselves of this agency's services, either now or in the future. (It is located in Louisville, Ky., and the following is its web address:

Mr. Tiell talked about some of the realities of today's job market to the students-information that every student needed to hear.  For example, he noted, as a "ballpark figure", that 200-300 applications for a given position was not at all uncommon, especially for higher paying positions.  What students need to do is position themselves, according to Mr. Tiell.  For example, students need to be aware of both their internal attributes(interests, abilities, etc., possibly through vocational testing), and also the external environment, such as the opportunities which are available. As an example of learning about the latter, Mr. Tiell noted that the Kentucky Cabinet for Workforce Development publshes information about where job opportunities lie within the state.

Mr. Tiell told the group that a person can make no better investment than higher education, but that it was also important for students to ascertain what might be the best programs for themselves.  He also noted that lifelong learning was also extremely important for the students' futures.

One theme which was emphasized by Mr. Tiell was that, since the U.S. population was aging, students might wish to gear their career choices accordingly.  He noted, for example, that nursing and health care in general was likely to be promising for some time to come.  He also talked about social work for the aging population. Other fields, such as criminal justice, were also noted as being promising for the future.

One thing which was apparent from Mr. Tiell's talk is that career planning is extremely complex, and something to be done over a lifetime, not just something a person attends to when he/she graduates from college.

Dr. Toder made detailed notes over Mr. Tiell's presentation, and any student is welcome to make an appointment with him, to learn about Mr. Tiell's agency in more detail.  They may also, of course, contact Mr. Tiell directly at 502-452-6341(ext. 230)

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