Saint Catharine College Clock Tower photo

Visiting Campus

See St. Catharine College for Yourself

You can learn a lot about our campus from this website. But to really get a clear idea of all we have to offer and what it’s like to attend, you need to plan a visit to  St. Catharine College. It’s the only way to meet our friendly faculty and students, get a sneak peek at classes and get a real feel for what it is like to be a part of our beautiful, growing campus.

Choose from three different typeHamilton Buildings of campus visit, each with its own advantages:

  • Individual Visit – Come to St. Catharine during a weekday while classes are in session and collegiate life is in full swing. You will receive a personalized walking tour of the campus from a student guide who can give you a student’s perspective on all we have to offer. You’ll see the dining commons, housing, labs and classrooms – everything from one end of campus to the other. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet with an admissions counselor who can answer your specific questions about enrollment. If you wish, you can meet an admissions counselor now so you’ll already have a connection when you visit.
  • Saturday Visit– St. Catharine College understands how busy you may be during the week, so why not take a Saturday stroll to our campus?  You will be able to meet with an Admissions Counselor as well as take a tour with a Student Ambassador.  Nestled in the heart of Kentucky, St. Catharine College offers a great education for a great value.  Come see for yourself what is happening at SCC!  Our Saturday schedule will begin in September, check out the dates and times here!
  • Group Visit – We encourage groups, large and small, to visit campus together. We’ll work with your group to customize a schedule just for you. Want to attend a basketball game? Hope to visit classes or labs? Wherever your interests lie, we’ll create a schedule that gives you a good look at everything St. Catharine has to offer.

 To schedule your visit, call 859-336-5082 x1259 or email us at .