Saint Catharine College

Transfer Fall 2013 Orientation

This Orientation is specialized specifically for you. Since you have already met with an advisor this will be an opportunity for you to learn what St. Catharine College has to offer you and finalize the schedule you and your advisor have discussed and pre-registered for.

Each session is specialized to inform you of the services that you can find on the campus of St. Catharine College.

welcome to 2012 orientation transfer

Think you may need tutoring?
        We have that!
Want help with internships and resumes?
        We have that!
Want to get involved in clubs and organizations?
        YOU can do that here!
Ever wanted to travel or study abroad?
        YOU can do that here!

This is just a glimpse into our services and activities. You will learn more about these and more during your scheduled session.

For the student—

  • Meet other students interested in your same program
  • Receive your student ID, email address, and parking permit
  • Learn the basics for getting started on the right foot at SCC
  • Finalize your pre-registered schedule

What you will need—

  • To be officially accepted to SCC and have submitted official transcripts from graduating high school or GED  scores and transcripts from all colleges previously attended
  • ACT or COMPASS scores must be submitted to the Admissions Office prior to the selected STAR date
  • Have had all transcripts pre-advised by the Transfer Specialist
  • Met with your advisor for advising and completion of pre-registration form

**  Please make other arrangements for children under high school age.

All Transfers MUST attend an Orientation session!! The morning session will begin at 8am and should last until 12pm. The afternoon session will begin at 2pm and should last until 6pm.   

We have the following orientation dates, so choose the one that is best for you. Remember, earlier is better!

**Deadline to RSVP is one week prior to day of the event.  Please refer to deadlines at

To submit your RSVP here, please click here