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PlagueTown Plague Town

Plague Town is not for audiences that cannot handle violent situations, such as murder and intensely violent acts. This book would be something good to read around Halloween because of the zombies and so-called mad scientist (who will not be mentioned until the end of the review).
Plague Town was written by Dana Fredsti in the year 2012. This book’s genre is horror, action, and slight romance. There are 350 pages and the target audience is for those over the age of eighteen, or possibly a little older audience. The author, Miss Fredsti, wrote the book with the intention of making her readers think about how much they should trust physicians and anti-virus serums. She points out through her writing about the right and wrong in any given situation. She writes in an interesting way; with humor, sarcasm, and a mischievous way of spinning a tale to describe these situations that the characters are thrust in.
Plague Town is set in a small university town of Redwood grove. Ashley Parker is a nontraditional university student, who starts to notice more and more people are disappearing. She thinks nothing of it until she and her boyfriend are attacked in the woods one night.  There was an outbreak of the walking dead and it’s a race against time for the survivors to not only survive, but to find out how the outbreak happened and to keep it isolated to just the town because this isn’t the first outbreak, and it won’t be the last. Now it is up to Ashley and the other survivors to fight back.
           The main character, Ashley Parker, is what is called a ‘wild card’. A ‘wild card’ is one of the very few (like only in 0.0001% of the entire world’s population) that cannot be infected from the virus. She meets a man named Gabriel, who is the leader and trainer of the ‘Wild Card’ Task Force, in charge of eradicating the infected. She also gets to meet other survivors that turn out to be ‘wild cards’.  They are Lily, Kaitlyn, Mack, Kai, and Tony. Lily is a quiet, young university student that has a wild streak of her own. Kaitlyn is a very snarky, rude woman that lashes out due to trauma. Mack is a postman, who is very kind, compassionate, and understanding. Kai is the nice, playful one of the group and he keeps people’s spirits high in times of despair. Tony is the rude, flirty, gamer that is very obnoxious to the group, but useful in the sense that he watches out for his friends. Then there are the unofficial members of the ‘Wild Card’ Task Force and they are Simone Fraser and Nathan. Simone is a ‘wild card’ herself and she uses her knowledge to help the team. Nathan used to be on the ‘Wild Card’ Task Force and he came back into the picture when his neighbors started eating one another and he is the mysterious outsider of the group. These are the main characters throughout the book.
           This book really points out the ethics involved in it, where an ethical code of conduct is broken. The one man that was responsible for the current outbreak of the zombies is named Dr. Albert and he actually turns out to be Ashley’s doctor from birth. What really happened was that there was this super-flu called the “Walker’s flu” named after the man who discovered it. Dr. Albert developed what he thought was the anti-virus to the flu, and he was so sure it would work that he decided to start administering it to his patients with the “Walker’s flu” without any testing or approval. He gives it to the army presence that shows up after the zombies were noticed. More and more people get infected and it turns out to be his fault. This is how the book points out the ethics that are placed in today’s medical society and why.
            I recommend this book for people that love horror novels, especially if they love to read about zombies. I also recommend this to a more mature audience because of the violence. I really enjoyed and liked this book because it was spooky and very interesting.


Fredsti, D. (2012). Plague Town: An Ashley Parker Novel. London: Titan Books.


Kaitlyn Smith 

        Review by Kaitlyn Smith