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    Spring 2012 Summit 

spring 2012 summit spring 2012 summit
spring 2012 summit spring 2012 summit
spring 2012 summit



 2010-2011 KEA-SP Members

kea members and staff
Mrs. Mary Lauer, Mrs. Mary Jones, Jaclyn Spaulding, Natalie Hurst, Mike Carey, Lindsey White, Miriah Cox, Taylor Davidson, Sarah Castillo, Mandy Gray, Kerrie Sneed, Kayla Garrett, Erica Baker, Candace Littlejohn, Dr. Jan Lantz, Amy Riley, Dr. Lee Edgington, Misty Kehm, Emily Simms, Bridgette Colvin, Renee Spalding
fall 2011 s/t erica, taylor, renee, bridgette, jaclyn miriah, mike, candace, misty, emily, jaclyn
Renee Spalding, Danielle Brown, Alana Kelty and Bridgette Colvin

2010-2011 KEA-SP Officers  Erica Baker, Taylor Childress, Renee Spalding, Bridgette Colvin, Jaclyn Spaulding

2011-2012 KEA-SP Officers  Miriah Cox, Mike Carey, Candace Littlejohn, Misty Kehm, Emily Simms, Jaclyn Spaulding

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