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Past Events

Book Fair

During the spring semester, we host a Scholastic Book Fair on campus so we can bring literature into the lives of people in our schools and communities.  Book fairs give people the opportunity to buy books and the convenience of having books to purchase.  In addition to providing easy access to a wide assortment of reading material, book fairs inspire students and their families to read.  We held a family night for people in the community to come see the books and goodies our book fair had to offer.  Many of our KEA-SP members volunteered to work at the book fair and provided people with the opportunity to buy some great items while at the same time helping KEA-SP earn Scholastic Dollars.  These dollars will be used to buy items from Scholastic.  Overall, our book fair was a great success and we look forward to using the resources we buy with our Scholastic Dollars for our education majors here at St. Catharine College.

CATS partner project

For the past few years, a counselor from o ne of the local school systems has offered "State Assessment Ethics Training" for the teacher educator candidates of St. Catharine College.  This allowed our college students to assist with spring testing in their school placements.  Each candidate helped students with special needs, so not all candidates help in the same way.  Some testing modifications included reading, scribing, prompting/cuing, and/or paraphrasing for students.  Because state assessment is one component that we are going to perform during our teaching career, this training and experience gave us the opportunity to participate firsthand from an educator's perspective.

Chili Supper

This year to help KEA-SP raise money, we hosted a chili supper during one of our men's/women's basketball games.  KEA-SP members made different typed of chili, sandwiches and desserts for the family, friends and fans of our men's/women's basketball teams.  For just $5 you could get a bowl of chili, sandwich, dessert and a drink.  The supper was a great success.  We were able to raise enough money to help by polo shirts for all our education majors who are placed out in the field.  We would like to thank the St. Catharine College Athletic Department for giving us the opportunity to host a chili supper during a game.  Without their support this would not have been possible.

Haitian Relief Luncheon

In the spring of 2010, shortly after the tragic earthquake in Haiti, the education department at St. Catharine College stepped in to show our support and help raise money for the people in Haiti.  We offered a campus-wide taco lunch with a movie about Haiti.  KEA-SP members and the education department staff donated all the food for the taco lunch as well as helped to serve food.  This luncheon not only allowed us to raise money but also helped us to educate the students and staff of St. Catharine College about the people and culture of Haiti.

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