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KEA-SP Goals:

  • To initiate, in cooperation with the State and national Education Associations, the development of professional interest and attitudes among college students actively engaged in preparing for the teaching profession.
  • To acquaint prospective educators with the history, ethics and program of the organized teaching profession.
  • To provide practical experience by working together in a democratic way on the problems of the profession and the community.
  • To stimulate encouragement among capable women and men to pursue teaching as a life-long career.
  • To encourage the chosen young men and women to strive continually for self-improvement in their teaching profession.
  • To support, through active participation, high standards of teacher preparation.
  • To organize volunteer committees.

Professional Development

SCC KEA-SP members enjoy access to local, regional, and state professional development events and many more at their home campuses.  the certificates they receive become part of their portfolios.  All of these events are open and free of charge to KEA Student Program members.

Community Outreach

KEA Student Program members take part in community outreach projects at home and across the state and visit schools to read with children who might not otherwise have that experience.


SCC KEA Student Program members learn valuable leadership skills on campus and through opportunities to work with KEA's local associations.  Members can run for elected and volunteer positions at the state level and can represent KEA and the KEA Student Program at national and regional conferences.

Membership Benefits

Scholarships and Awards

In the past ten years, KEA has awarded more than $60,000 in scholarships to KEA-SP through the Marvin Dodson-Carl Perkins Scholarships awards program.  Every member is eligible to apply.

Liability Insurance

Members of the SCC KEA-SP are covered automatically through the NEA Educators Employment Liability Insurance Program when they pay their dues of $25.  If legal action is brought against a member for any incident that occurs during student teaching or other field experiences during their SFE/SCE courses, legal expenses will be paid along with up to $1 million in damages.  Dues are also used to fund projects in professional development, leadership and community service.

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