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Department of Community and Regional Studies

Developing Effective Citizen-Leaders for Vibrant Communities

In a global world, we all also still live and flourish in specific places; neighborhoods, towns, cities, and regions. The Department of Community and Regional Studies articulates the Dominican Pillar and heritage of Community by providing interdisciplinary academic programs which encourage students to explore the varied issues in leadership that support quality of life, economic development, and citizenship in small towns and their surrounding regions. The programs of the Department will feature both classroom work and directly engaged work in the varied cities, towns, and landscapes surrounding the college. Ranging from economics and workforce development to the relationship between schools and communities to the role of the arts and humanities, the Department seeks to foster a future of engaged, informed and sustainable citizen leadership.

The Department is the primary academic home of the St. Catharine College Center for Community and Regional Development. The Center  engages in and promotes scholarship, research and professional programming designed to enhance the quality of life and opportunity in small towns and cities and their surrounding regions. Both the Center and the Department will play an integral role in the development of graduate level leadership programs and related scholarship.


Mr. James Silliman, Chair

Dr. David Arnold, Center Director


Minor in Community and Regional Studies

(Projected) Bachelor of Art in Community Studies