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Bachelor of Arts in Management

Prepare for a Career in Business Leadership

The Management degree at St. Catharine College in Kentucky is excellent preparation for an entry-level management position in a wide variety of businesses. The skills you learn through the program will be an asset to you throughout your career. At St. Catharine, the program also has a distinctive Liberal Arts component, which means it is holistic in its approach. It not only prepares you to be an outstanding manager, but also a well-rounded person capable of evaluating all aspects of an issue and making sound, rationale decisions.

Classes within the major range in size from 12 to 28 students, which assures that you will get to know your professors well and have extensive opportunities to interact, discuss and work side-by-side with your fellow students on practical business challenges. When you complete the four-year program, you will be well prepared to begin your business career.

Concentrations Available:

Human Resources Leadership

Minor Available:

Management ­ – for non-management degree students

Special Program Highlights and Features:

  • The St. Catharine business program focuses on Human Resources and Leadership, not general Business Administration.
  • Small classes assure lots of student interaction with instructors, which can lead to more opportunities for in-depth learning.
  • The Liberal Arts aspect of the program means it is more holistic in approach.
  • Some program classes are available at satellite locations and during evening hours.
  • Students who wish to undertake an internship can work with their advisor to outline a program for earning credit.
  • Students complete a capstone experience through the Interdisciplinary Studies course. This experience takes them into the community where they use skills learned throughout their program to complete an involved public project. 
Interesting Courses You Will Take:

Management – A study of fundamental management concepts for both business majors and for other students preparing to work in an organizational setting. Covers theories and practices of management in business and organizational settings and provides a balanced, comprehensive overview of the traditional management functions in planning/decision-making, organizing, leading and controlling

Human Resources Management – A study of the activities involved in acquiring, maintaining and developing an organization‘s workforce and human capital. Topics within these three phases include resource planning, job analysis, recruiting, training, compensation and benefits, motivation and appraisal.

Organizational Leadership and Motivation – An examination of the managerial and supervisory functions and skills in organizational leadership. The course examines interrelationships between leadership and the managerial functions of planning, organizing, executing and controlling. Participants study individual and interpersonal processes within the organizational environment. The class also examines various theories of motivation and organizational behavior.

Meet the Instructors

Instructors within the Business Department hold extensive experience both in the classroom and in the business world. Department Chair Dr. David Donathan developed foreign language training plans and programs as a United States Army officer prior to pursuing his distinguished career in business education. Associate Professor Michael Halloran holds considerable experience both as an entrepreneur business owner and as a manager in addition to his lengthy experience in the classroom. SCC has also been fortunate to arrange for respected business leaders and educators from the region to lead specific classes as adjunct instructors.

Career Outlook for Major

Students who hold a degree in management have equipped themselves to hold a wide range of entry-level positions. While competition is expected to be stiff in this broad field, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number of actual positions available to grow at about the average of all occupations, or at 12 percent over the decade from 2008-2018.

What Students Say

"St. Catharine College is like a GPS.  From 2735 Bardstown Road to Wall Street, one route leads to another, and the Management and Supervision Program will get me wherever I want to go!"               Sylvia Horlander 

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