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Department of Psychology


Discover every aspect of the human experiencepsych

Psychology attempts to understand, predict and influence human behavior and mental processes. The psychology department provides students with exposure to the areas that define contemporary scientific psychology as well as helps a student develop analytical thinking and communication skills which are applicable to a variety of careers. The core psychology courses taught within the department contain content to guide students towards the pursuit of graduate degrees in psychology, while psychology electives enable students to construct a program of study consistent with their professional goals.  The department also offers a minor which provides training to supplement other majors that involve understanding behavior such as Nursing, Education, Criminal justice, & Business.  Psychology brings the human element to the health and human sciences.


Degrees Offered

Minor in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology


Department Instructors

Dr. Todd Smith, Chair of Department of Psychology

Paula Foster, Assistant Professor

Krista Rummage, Instructor