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Pharmacy Technology Courses

General Education Core

ENG 101
English Composition I 3 credit hours
ENG 102
English Composition II 3credit hours
    6 Total Credits
REL xxx
Religion ** 3 credit hours
One from fine arts, literature, ethics, philosophy 3 credit hours
    6 Total Credits
Social & Behavioral  Two selected from:  
ECNxxx Ecomomics ** 3 credit hours
GOVxxx Government ** 3 credit hours
HISxxx History ** 3 credit hours
PSYxxx Psychology ** 3 credit hours
SOCxxx Sociology ** 3 credit hours
  Elective (one course) 3 credit hours
  Natural Science w/ lab 4 credit hours
MAT 1xx College Level Math Course 3 credit hours
  Health and Wellness 2 credit hours
  Total General Education 30 Credit Hours

Other Program Requirements

Electives as required to meet 60 hour graduation requirement.

**Co-Requisite courses must be completed prior to graduation from the program.

See Program Director with Questions.

Option One: Associate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Technology

Students enrolled in the Pharmacy Technology Associate Degree Program may take the professional core in either the first two or last two semesters

Profesional Core:  32 Total Credit Hours

Semester One


HSC 110
Medical Terminology 2 credit hours
PHT 132
Drug Foundations 3 credit hours
PHT 133
Pharmacology  4 credit hours
PHT 141
Dosage Calculations  4 credit hours
PHT 155
Drug Preparation & Manufacturing 3 credit hours
PHT 191
Ambulatory Care Externship 2 credit hours
    18 Total Credit Hours

Semester Two

PHT 192
Community Hosptial Externship 2 credit hours
PHT 193
Acute Care Externship 3 credit hours
PHT 222
Pharmacy Practice 3 credit hours
PHT 230
Pharmacy Law & Business Operations 3 credit hours
PHT 256
Aseptic Technique and the IV Room 3 credit hours
    14 Total Credit Hours
Pharmacy Technology coursework
Pharmacy technology coursework is composed of two semesters, with a total of 32 credit hours. The second semester involves working 80-120 clock hours in an experiential setting.
Option Two: Certificate in Pharmacy Technology
Students wishing to complete only the certificate program will enroll only in the “professional core” , pharmacy technology coursework, (two semesters) listed above, for 32 credit hours.