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Department of Pharmacy Technology

A job that leads many different directions…….pharm tech

For students who think they would like to get involved in health care, but are not sure what they may specialize in, the pharmacy technology department can help those students become a pharmacy tech in a hospital, and learn what other health care professionals do.  They can also help students discover what their strengths and preferences are, and get a jumpstart on a job if they decide to complete a Health Science degree.  Our department was the first to have an accredited program in the state of Kentucky.  The work of the department is designed primarily to prepare techs to work in hospital pharmacies, although students are also qualified to work in retail settings.  Both the certificate and associate degree programs help students further their education and allow them to work part time while doing so.  Many pharmacies, especially in hospitals, need techs who can work outside the normal hours, which is compatible with students' college schedules.

Before investing a large amount of time and money, students who think they might want to go to pharmacy school get some experience in the field to see if it’s right for them.   The pharm tech program is not an entry into pharmacy school, but does provide familiarity with the field.  Pharmacy techs can advance to higher positions within their department such as lead tech, inventory management, systems administration (just to name a few of  the many) or can advance to other jobs that require pharmacy knowledge: insurance, reverse distributors, drug wholesalers, teaching other techs, pharmacy system technology specialist, nuclear pharmacy, infusion pharmacy, veterinary pharmacy.

Certificates Offered

Pharmacy Technology

Degrees Offered

Associate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Technology

Department Instructors

Jeannie Oldham, Chair of Department of Pharmacy Technology