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Health Sciences


Thank you for taking the time to view our programs at St. Catharine College. As you look, you will find our programs are rooted in the liberal arts. Because of this approach, our students receive a deeper understanding of the world around them making them healthcare professionals who understand and respect the patients for whom they care.

In their clinical education, our students become ambassadors for the college and their respective programs with the expectation of giving back to their chosen professions. We do this to fulfill the college’s mission of pursuing truth, preparing critical thinkers, ethical leaders, and engaged citizens. Our degrees, some the only in Kentucky, give someone looking for an advantage in today’s dynamic healthcare workforce the opportunity for leadership and further their educational goals including graduate work.

We are aware of the demand for healthcare professionals. Despite ups and downs, the need will be consistent with the changing population and health care reform. Regardless, your education in our programs will prepare you for both and beyond as you work to become the professional, pragmatic, and ethical leaders healthcare demands. Take the time to look deeper into our programs and explore the opportunities available at St. Catharine through a campus visit or online. All our programs welcome your inquiries.



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