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 The Bachelor of Science Program is a total of 125-126 credit hours.  The general education core for the major is 49-50 credit hours.  Transferability from existing institutions for core classes will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  The program does not accept transfer credit from associate degree radiation therapy courses but it will examine bachelor of science therapy courses on a case-by-case basis.  Click here for a copy of the program's degree planner.


Pre-Requisite Course Work

English Composition (6) Oral Communication (3)
Trigonometry (3) Chemistry (4)
General Physics (8) Anatomy & Physiology (8)
Computer Science (3) Medical Terminology (3)


Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

SPE 150 Interpersonal Communication

or SPE 180 Public Speaking (preferred)

HSC 110 Medical Terminology
ENG 101 English Composition I PHYS 101 General Physics I
ENG 102 English Composition II PHYS 102 General Physics II
CHEM 103 Elementary Chemistry BIO 204 Anatomy & Physiology I
MAT 106 College Algebra Bio 205 Anatomy and Physiology II
MAT 107 Trigonometry CIS 110 Microcomputer Applications

MAT 108 Precalculus

(replaces MAT 106 and 107)

Worldview 5 classes.
Worldview 4 classes  


Courses for the Major

Course Sequence 

   Fall Semester Junior Year

RDT 300 Introduction to Radiation Therapy (3 credit hours)

RDT 301 Medical Imaging and Processing (3 credit hours)

RDT 302 Oncology Patient Care (3 credit hours)

HSC/MGT 321 Legal Issues in Health Care (3 credit hours) 

Spring Semester Junior Year

RDT 320 Radiation Biology (3 credit hours)

RDT 321 Oncologic Pathology (2 credit hours)

RDT 322 Sectional Anatomy (2 credit hours)

RDT 325 Radiation Therapy Physics (3 credit hours)

RDT 391 Clinical Education I (3 credit hours) 

Summer Semester Junior Year

RDT 330 Medical Dosimetry (3 credit hours)

RDT 331 Principles and Practices of Radiation Therapy I (3 credit hours)

RDT 392 Clinical Education II (3 credit hours) 

Fall Semester Senior Year

RDT 431 Principles and Practices of Radiation Therapy II (3 credit hours)

RDT 430 Medical Dosimetry II (3 credit hours)

PHI 330 Professional Ethics (3 credit hours)

RDT 491 Clinical Education III (3 credit hours) 

Spring Senior Year

RDT 460 Registry Review (3 credit hours)

RDT 461 Quality Assurance and Operational Issues in Radiation Therapy (3 credit hours)

RDT 490 Radiation Therapy Capstone (3 credit hours)

RDT 492 Clinical Education IV (3 credit hours)