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flagAdmission Procedures

The Bachelor Science in Radiation Therapy Program is a highly competitive, academically rigorous major with limited enrollment.  All pre-radiation therapy students and transfer applicants must apply to the program and complete the program application process in order to be considered as a candidate. Applicants for admission to the college can either apply on-line (recommended) or by printing, completing, and mailing an application to the college. The application is located on the college's admissions page.

All applications should be submitted on the provided forms along with college transcripts (high school transcripts are required for those not having achieved an Associate or Bachelors Degree). All admission information must be submitted by February 1st of the year in which the appointment is sought .  The program will have an annual cycle admitting one cohort per year beginning the fall semester.   Students should have all core education requirements completed before starting the professional phase of the program." The program's academic advisor can help with a list of Core Studies courses and a copy of the degree planner.

Starting Out

In order to begin the application process, please complete the application and submit all supporting documents by February 1st .  Supporting documents include :

  • Original Transcripts
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement about the qualifications and desire to enter the program (on program application)
  • Clinical Observation Form(s)
  • Program \application
  • SCC students should have all Core Studies complete before starting the professional phase of the program.
  • Transfer students should have a minimum of 2-3 Core Studies courses to complete during the professional phase of the program.

Download Program Application


The college application and transcript(s) should be sent to:

Office of Admissions
St. Catharine College
2735 Bardstown Rd.
St. Catharine, KY  40061

All other documents  (letters of recommendation, progam application, clinical observation hours) should be sent to:

Radiation Therapy Program
2735 Bardstown Rd.
St. Catharine College
St. Catharine, KY  40061

Clinical Observation Hours

Applicants for the Radiation Therapy Program must complete a minimum of 16 hours in a radiation oncology department observing radiation therapy practice. The form to document those hours is located here.  A separate form must be completed for each clinical site where observations have been completed. If you would like to perform the observations at one of the program’s clinical affiliates, please contact the program director at

Please fax forms to the attention of the Radiation Therapy Program at 859-336-9383.

The Next Step 

Applicants will be selected to attend an interview with the Admissions Committee based upon the following criteria

  • Last 60 college credits Grade Point Average
  • Pre-requisite courses GPA
  • Minimum prerequisite GPA 2.5, all courses must be a "C' or better
  • Personal Statement
  • Letters of Recommendation

Applicants will NOT be granted an interview if the program has not received the Clinical Observation Form before the date of the interview. Interviews for the class starting in the fall of each will be held in the spring of that same calendar year.

Background Check

Students entering the program are required to complete a background check.  The instructions for doing this can be found here.


The field of Radiation Therapy is a demanding one. Competitive applicants will demonstrate maturity, strong work ethic and the ability to handle a very challenging curriculum. Interviewed candidates will be notified, approximately 2 weeks after the interview, of their status with the program.

Specific admission criteria include

Overall GPA of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale 

Completion of pre-requisites courses

  • English Composition—6 semester credits
  • Speech—3 semester credits
  • Trigonometry—3 semester credits
  • Chemistry—4 semester credits
  • General Physics—8 semester credits
  • Anatomy and physiology—8 semester credits
  • Computer science—3 semester credits
  • Medical Terminology – 3 semester credits

No grade below ‘C’ in prerequisite courses

Essential Functions

1) Participate in supervised clinical activities, including walking and standing, for eight hour days;

2) Demonstrate sufficient vision acuity to monitor patients, input data, read computer monitors and distinguish markings in dim


3) Demonstrate sufficient strength to lift, carry and move items weighing up to 40 pounds;

4) Distinguish and interpret audio signals from equipment;

5) Demonstrate sufficient upper- and lower body strength to move, lift and transport patients and;

6) Communicate effectively with the patient and health care team.