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Catharine of Siena ProjectCatherine of Sienna

  • The St. Catharine College Nursing Students are dedicated to providing service to their community.
  • Each new nursing class chooses a charitable organization as the focus of their volunteer activities. 
  • The students then dedicate four semesters of service on behalf of their organization.
  • This service project is known as the nursing department’s Catherine of Siena Project.

History of the Project

In keeping with the Dominican pillar of Community, an effort to rekindle a volunteer effort for nursing students hatched the “Catherine of Siena” project. Each first semester nursing class will have a faculty mentor to help the class through four semesters of fundraising. With faculty guidance, the students choose an organization and target amount for their fundraising effort.  In the first project students chose to raise $2000 to help Hosparus of Louisville build an anger wall for family members who have lost loved ones to cancer. Families will able to post expressions of anger in any way they deem necessary in order to work through their grief. This wall is to be built in Louisville with the funds raised by this class. In addition the students came up with the Amazon gift wrap idea. Fifteen students and five faculty members went on December 14th to Campbellsville, Kentucky and worked 8 hours wrapping presents. The goal is to be able to present a check to Hosparus at their pinning ceremony in May 2012.

Quick Facts about Catherine of Siena

  • She was born on March 25, 1347 in Siena, Tuscany and died April 29, 1389 in Rome. She was canonized in She was born on March 25, 1347 in Siena, Tuscany and died April 29, 1389 in Rome. She was canonized in 1461. Her feast day is April 29.
  • Catherine of Siena joined a Dominican order when she was a teenager, and devoted herself to working with the poor and the sick.
  • St. Catherine is the patron saint of nurses and sick people. She suffered much sickness during her lifetime, and so her patronage of sick people and illness is apparent.