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Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing Program

"Professional and Personal Success"

Curriculum Plan of Study

Admitted or Transferred Fall 2012

BSN Nursing Major (23 Credits)

(Upon Admission to the BSN Program)

NUR 310 Nursing Roles 3 hours
NUR 320 Transcultural Nursing 3 hours
NUR 330 Leadership and Management. in Nursing Practice 3 hours
NUR 410 Health Assessment 3 hours
NUR 450 Evidence-based Outcomes 4 hours
NUR 470 Community Health Nursing 4 hours
NUR 493 Professional Nursing Capstone Experience 3 hours
Prerequistes and SCC Core Studies Courses (49 Credits)  
Communications 9 hours
  • Required:  English I & II and Speech
Reasoning & Scientific Method 7 hours
  • Required:  Anatomy & Physiology I, College Algebra


33 hours        
  • Religion (Required:  World Religion)
6 hours
  • Human Arts (Required:  Professional Ethics)
9 hours
  • Human Sciences:  Geneal Pyschology, Developmental Psychology, Pathophysiology, Elementary Statistics
9 hours

Global Perspectives

9 hours

Stewardship  Follow guidelines of Stewardship Requirement


ADN/ASN Transfer (35 credits)

Maximum number of transfer credits may vary

Electives (17 Credits)

Total Hours Required For Graduation

124 Credits