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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts - Social Science

Gain a Broad-based Education That Prepares You for Both a Career and Life

The Bachelor of Arts degree at St. Catharine College in Kentucky is especially valuable because of its interdisciplinary focus. You will gain skills in research, behavioral science, humanities, health and wellness and math and logic. Beyond this and specific courses you choose for your Social Science major, you will take part in three courses specifically designed to help you learn to think, investigate and grapple with ideas. Known as the IDS Sequence, these courses can help shape the way you tackle any challenge you face at work or in life.

In today’s world, students often are looking for a degree that will prepare them well for a career. It may surprise you, but one of the most practical degrees of all is the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts.  This degree prepares you to think, evaluate and make decisions in a way no other academic path can surpass. That’s something you can use no matter what your ultimate career path. It’s also something that is highly valued by employers, not matter what field you enter.

The Social Sciences major within the Liberal Arts degree gives you the opportunity to layer the broad-based thinking and knowledge skills you’ve gained through your liberal arts program with practical skills courses that shape the course of your career. It is a powerful approach to education that will grow your intellect and prepare you to succeed in a demanding world.

Special Program Highlights and Features:

  • Classes are typically small so students and their professor get to know each other well and are able to have rich, meaningful discussions.
  • The degree allows you to blend together your interests to create a skill set that suits you well for your career interests.
  • The liberal arts program lets you experience a breadth of majors while still working toward your degree.
  • The program is interdisciplinary in nature and is focused on helping you see a connection between various areas of study.
  • The degree is excellent preparation for graduate school.
  • The degree can be tailored to focus your energies on subjects of interest to you.

Interesting Courses You Might Take

History of Ideas – Gain exposure to a wealth of diverse ideas. Learn to understand a rich variety of perspectives and what influences people to come to the views they hold.

Faith and Reason – Taken during the junior year, this course encourages students to examine different beliefs, and gain an understanding of the roles and links between faith and science.

The Human Landscape – Go into the community and world to complete this capstone course in a highly individual way. For instance, one student who wanted one day to create a shelter for abused woman used her capstone study to visit many such locations and learn how they handled intake, financing, counseling and other vital issues. Ultimately, she wrote a paper about her experience and plans, and presented it to a group of faculty where she defended her ideas.

Meet the Instructors

The instructors within the Liberal Arts program at St. Catharine College are as broad as the college’s faculty itself. That’s because instructors from every discipline are a part of the degree program. This means you get the very best of instruction in any course within your program. If you are studying a Criminal Justice course, for example, you will learn from an instructor who is experienced in this field academically and in the real world. If you are in a Communications course, you study under someone with years of experience instructing within this field. Many of our instructors hold terminal degrees in their fields.

Career Outlook for Major

The prospects for success for those holding a Liberal Arts degree depend on the field a student ultimately enters. For information about prospects for a career within a specific social science direction, go to www.bls.gov/oco.


What Students Say

From a recent student evaluation "This program has provided me with strong foundational knowledge."

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