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Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

  Build Your Creative and Technical Skills

The St. Catharine College Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts encompasses your choice of three areas of concentration: Studio Arts, Music or Theatre. Though this Bachelor’s program is a recent addition to the St. Catharine campus, the College has a long and well-established tradition in both Music and Studio Arts. The Dominican sisters who founded the College are known to have excelled in music. In fact, after the fire that destroyed the school in 1904, the sisters’ first purchase was a harp so they could continue making music.

When you select a Fine Arts major at St. Catharine, you will immerse yourself in an exploration of artistic technique and expression. Music students perform solos as well as participating in quartets, ensembles, and a choir. There are numerous opportunities to perform publicly. Studio Arts students make use of excellent studio space on campus and at the Centre Square in nearby Lebanon, Kentucky to perfect their technique and build their creativity. They also exhibit their works at Centre Square and at other campus and regional locations. 

The Liberal Arts component of the Fine Arts program exposes students to the broad world of ideas and other fields of study. You will learn to appreciate your world on a new level and gain new skills in research, exploration and discovery that will enhance your artistic expression.

Special Program Highlights and Features:

  • Students work in wonderfully lit and spacious studio space both on campus and at Centre Square in Lebanon, Kentucky.
  • Performing in plays, musical ensembles and other public venues is a regular part of the Fine Arts program.
  • The capstone experience undertaken during the senior year explores the Business of Fine Arts in Society. Students develop works in their area of interest and present and defend their presentation to a selected group of peers and faculty.
  • Internships are part of the Museum Studies program. Students visit museums to learn not only how to collect and display works but also how the business side of the gallery operates.
  • Couple a Fine Arts major with a minor in business, sports leadership or something else about which you feel passionate to set the course for an enriched and versatile life.

Interesting Courses You Might Take:

Small Metals – This course introduces the basic skills and techniques used in the construction and fabrication of jewelry and metal as an art form. Jewelry and metalwork are viewed in their historical contexts through the study of past and contemporary works in metal.  The class explores techniques, materials and processes involving precious and non-precious materials that lead to the manufacture of body adornments and sculpture objects.

African Art – This is an introductory course to the traditional art of Africa. The course explores the rich and exotic cultural tradition of African peoples.  The class focuses on developing an appreciation for other cultures and explores the symbolism and iconography used in the decorative arts of daily living.  From body adornment to utilitarian vessels, students will discover the many ways in which African art reflects its ancient history.

Modern British Art – Modern British Art in the early half of the twentieth century was a forerunner of Modernism. The dominant English tradition in art, associated with romantic individualism, empiricism, and the importance of literary and allegorical subject matter created a particular figurative artist and specific use of design elements.  In this course, students explore this transitory era and its influence on Modern Art.

Music in Popular Culture – This course is a study of the forms, characteristics and performers of American popular music during the last half century. Musical styles include rock-and-roll, jazz, blues, country music, musical theater, and hip-hop (rap). The course examines the relationship between cultural trends (social, political, technological) and the musical expression of the era. Fundamentals of music theory are introduced as appropriate.

Piano Literature – Participants make a chronological study of the history and literature of piano music from the Renaissance through current practice.  The course presents the different phases of keyboard development, important musical forms, performance practices and significant piano music of the major composers of each era. 

Meet the Instructors:

Bettye Brookfield, Chair of the Fine Arts Department, is an artist in residence who continues to work on her own art while teaching studio arts and lecturing at St. Catharine College. She holds an MFA in painting and sculpture from Memphis College of Art. Her acclaimed works hang in Delila’s in Chicago. She completed a series of 18 paintings in the South of France that were hung in Louisville’s Yvonne Rapp Gallery. Ms. Brookfield was commissioned to create colorful indoor murals in three restaurants, as well as an outdoor sculpture and large 10’ x 4’ paintings of horses for an airport.

Teresa Tedder – A musician in residence at St. Catharine College, Teresa Tedder is a composer, conductor, pianist and outstanding performer.  Her compositions include traditional, classical, jazz, piano duets, religious anthems and choral masterworks. In 2007, she was named Commissioned Composer for the Kentucky Music Teachers’ Association. Ms. Tedder holds a Master of Music Degree from Campbellsville University.

A rich array of adjunct instructors who are experts in art history, museum studies, ceramics and other media support the St. Catharine College Fine Arts faculty.

Career Outlook for Major

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 60 percent of fine artists are self-employed.  Employment opportunities in fine arts are expected to grow at about the average rate across all occupations (12 percent).


What Students Say

“A one of a kind class that everybody will enjoy.”
             Amanda Cunningham

“Attention all nursing students: Great Stress relieving class for the fourth semester of nursing. Who would have thought the things you can make out of wire!”
                            Lisa Kennedy

“A wonderful class … wish I would have taken an art class each semester of my career at SCC. Wonderful teacher, great lessons intertwined with lots of fun!”
                          Theresa Yaste

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Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Fine Arts is to provide a broad spectrum of integrated classes, performance and exhibition opportunities, and experiential events in an inspiring environment to provide a holistic arts education and effective career preparation for Fine Arts students.