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St. Catharine Fine Arts Council

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the community and college to experience a wide variety of fine arts, to provide a forum for local and regional artists to perform and exhibit, and to accomplish objectives that contributes to an inspiring quality of life and a thriving economy.
St. Catharine Fine Arts Council was founded nearly 20 years ago (as the SCC Fine Arts Committee) with a tri-fold purpose: 1) to identify and promote the arts in Springfield and tri-county area of Washington, Marion, and Nelson Counties; 2) partner with St. Catharine College to build a vibrant Fine Arts department; and, 3) strategically plan with the college fine arts program as it moved from a two year to a four year college.
The original purpose and intent of the committee was simply to promote the arts in the area. However, as the arts expanded, we realized that the arts needed to be looked at in ever-increasing new ways, with particular emphasis on the potential benefits to the overall economy, including the tourism component of the area.
The committee expanded from primarily college faculty to a diverse, community-based membership approximately 5 years ago as several events came to fruition. The Fine Arts department established a four-year degree in fine arts and wanted the opinions, suggestions, and support of the Springfield/Washington County community of the program and the students. The City of Springfield was expanding tourism with an emphasis on the arts and its economic benefits. Fine Arts events were becoming more frequent and audiences were growing larger. Because of these three things, the Committee felt the need for more community input and participation; thus, the expansion of the membership.
The name of the committee formally changed in 2013 from St. Catharine College Fine Arts Committee to St. Catharine Fine Arts Council. This designation was an intentional decision to reflect the integration of the college and community in its effort to re-define the purposes of the group. The primary emphasis of the committee had been on fine arts performances for the area but with the realization of the potential impact of the arts on the economy, on tourism, and on cultural heritage, it became imperative that the group exponentially expand its outlook and outreach.
The Council meets monthly in the Fine Arts Department of St. Catharine College. Membership is open to anyone willing to support and nurture the arts. The Council has gained several members from individuals who were invited as guests but were impressed by the energy and vitality of the Council that they have now become members. Fine Arts students and faculty are a part of the Council along with city officials such as city administrator, tourism director, and Downtown Renaissance director. Representatives from the Dominican Sisters of Peace at St. Catharine are part of the group because of their decades of commitment to the arts in Springfield/Washington County. Membership is also by invitation of the Council. Current membership is twenty.
The Council aspires to identify common goals and accomplish objectives that contribute to an inspiring quality of life and a thriving economy.

Bettye Brookfield, 
Professor of Art/Chair of Fine Arts Department
Degree Coordinator for BA in Fine Arts: Studio Arts Program

Teresa Tedder
Instructor of Music/Musician-in-Residence
Degree Coordinator for BA in Fine Arts: Music Program 

 bettye brookfield  Teresa Tedder

For more information, or to get involved, contact Chair Bettye Brookfield at bbrookfield@sccky.edu  or 859-336-5082 x1248.