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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts - Humanities

  Learn to think and evaluate ideas as you prepare for a rewarding career.

Humanities at St. Catharine College in Kentucky encompass the fields of English, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Studio Arts. Depending on the specific courses you choose to complete during your required 24 hours of humanities credit, you decide the specific focus of your Liberal Arts degree.  Because you may choose among these various fields of inquiry, the specific focus of your Liberal Arts Humanities degree is up to you.  This flexible, interdisciplinary degree allows students to tailor their coursework to their interests.

The Liberal Arts nature of your degree means that your program is broad-based and devoted to teaching you much more than the narrow focus of any specific occupation. It is interdisciplinary in focus, which means you will be exposed to a wealth of subjects and ideas while completing your education.  You will discover how the various disciplines intersect and overlap, and you will investigate how key ideas in these disciplines change over time.

When you earn a Liberal Arts degree from St. Catharine College, you learn to think critically and analytically about ideas from a wide range of subjects. This is a skill employers value highly and often seek out in the men and women they hire. Why? Because you will be able to handle a variety of concerns in today's dynamic workforce.  An individual entering the workforce today is likely to change jobs multiple times over the course of his or her career.   A Liberal Arts degree from St. Catharine helps assure that you will perform them all with distinction.

Special Program Highlights and Features:

  • Small classes mean you get to know your professors well and learn at a level that is not often possible in large, overcrowded classrooms.
  • You are exposed to students from many areas of study through pursuit of your Liberal Arts degree, which enriches your educational experience.
  • You will gain exposure to a wealth of different subjects and areas of interest, which is a huge advantage if you are unsure of your major.
  • A Liberal Arts degree is excellent preparation for graduate school.
  • The degree is designed to be interdisciplinary in focus and devoted to helping you see connections between different areas of study.
  • You determine the specific focus of your humanities major to suit your specific area of interest.

Interesting Courses You Might Take

History of Ideas – In this course you will gain new understanding of where ideas originate and how they change over time. Completed during the sophomore year, this course is a capstone for all St. Catharine Liberal Arts students.

Faith and Reason – Taken during the junior year, this course encourages students to examine different beliefs and gain an understanding of the roles and links between faith and science. Students complete an investigative paper as part of this exploratory study.

The Human Landscape – Students develop individual projects and go into the community to conduct hands-on research in a highly individual way in this capstone course. 

Meet the Instructors

Instructors for the St. Catharine Liberal Arts program are drawn from all campus disciplines. You learn from the College’s very best instructors in any given field. Many of these instructors hold terminal degrees in their area of expertise. Others hold years of real world experience. Many have both. Together, they create a faculty that delivers an enriching educational experience that equips you well for a career and for life.

Career Outlook for Major

Since many diverse careers are open to you when you hold a Liberal Arts degree, your career prospects depend on the direction you choose to follow. For information about a specific career direction, we encourage you to visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at www.bls.gov/oco.

What Students Say

“After figuring out what I wanted to do in life, I realized the Liberal Arts degree was perfect for me.  I love the advanced classes, especially in the areas of philosophy and religious studies.  Those classes that deal with other cultures have been particuliarly interesting. I also really like the personalized attention I receive from everyone on campus.”
                          Aaron Giles 


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