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Grading System

St. Catharine College utilizes the standard 4.0 grading scale. Plus and minus grades are not given on a transcript or calculated into the grade point average.  The College does not establish a standardized numerical grade scale, because all classes or subjects are not taught or evaluated in the same fashion. Each department establishes standards of evaluation appropriate to the subject area.  All classes have a graded attendance and participation policy.

A: 4 points GPA. Indicates above average work with evidence of initiative, originality and creativity. All appropriate standards of documentation are properly met with appropriate use of resources and materials. The work is well presented in a professional manner.

B: 3 points GPA.
Indicates an above average comprehension of the subject matter, but may be less effective in initiative, creativity or originality. Properly documented, but demonstrating less effective use of resources, materials, and references. Presentation may be less effective or polished.

C: 2 points GPA.
Demonstrates a competent grasp of the subject matter but does not go beyond the minimum needed to meet the assignment. Does not demonstrate particular initiative, originality or creativity; does not demonstrate effective use of resources, materials or references. Presentation is acceptable but does not consistently meet standards of grammar, documentation forms, preparation, or other aspects of effective presentation.

D: 1 point GPA.
Demonstrates marginal grasp of the material or marginal effort on the part of the student. The grade of D is a passing grade toward graduation, but will not transfer for credit to another institution and may not fulfill the pre-requisite requirements for admission to advanced programs at St. Catharine College.

F: 0 points GPA.
Indicates failure to meet even the minimum standards of the course. The grade of F may be awarded on the basis of substandard performance on graded requirements, for serious violations of academic integrity, or for abandonment of class attendance.

I: Incomplete.
If, in the judgment of the instructor, a legitimate reason exists which prevents a student from completing a course within the normal calendar period, a grade of Incomplete may be awarded. Normally, work must be completed within two weeks after the course has ended or a grade of F will be assigned. If circumstances warrant, the Vice President for Academic Affairs or, in the case of Health Sciences courses the Dean of Health & Human Sciences, may approve an extension of this period. The forms for an incomplete are available in the Registrar’s office and must be properly completed.

W: Withdrawn. Indicates a withdrawal from a course within the proper withdrawal period as posted in the Academic Calendar. The grade of W is not calculated into the GPA. Failure to withdraw properly from a course that a student stops attending will result in the grade of F being assigned.

P: Passed.
Indicates satisfactory performance in a course taken on a Pass/Fail basis. The grade of P is not calculated into the GPA.

Mid-term Grades: The College issues grades at mid-term according to the above definitions to all students. These grades are issued for information and advisory purposes and are not reflected on the official transcript.

Withdrawal From a Course
Withdrawal dates and add/drop dates for each semester are posted in the course schedule.  Students must consult with their advisor, complete their withdrawal request and submit it to the Office of the Registrar by the posted deadline dates in order for their withdrawal to be official and to be eligible for any appropriate refunds.  Students who, for legitimate reasons such as illness or major change in personal situation, wish to request a withdrawal after the posted withdrawal dates must submit an appeal in writing to the Admissions and Academic Standing Committee, Office of the Dean of Students.

Students who register but who do not subsequently attend classes during the first week of class or the first session of a weekend term will be withdrawn from the course by the Office of the Registrar. The student will be notified of the action in writing to the last known address.

Students who engage in disruptive behavior or blatant academic or personal dishonesty related to a course may be withdrawn from a course at the discretion of the faculty. Students will be notified in writing of the action and their right to appeal.

Repeating a Course

Students may repeat courses. The grade earned on the repeated course, whether it is higher or lower than the first grade, supersedes the first grade and is used for calculating the student’s grade point average. The initial course record is not counted in grade point averages but remains on the transcript. Students should be aware that policies on credit for repeated courses may vary at other colleges and universities.  Students repeating courses should consult with the Financial Aid Office to determine if there is any effect on their earned hours.