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Meet St. Catharine College

Outstanding education in the proud Dominican tradition

If you’re looking for a college where you’ll feel at home right away, a place where you will get to know your professors well and grow through one-on-one attention, excellent instruction and an opportunity to dive into out-of-class learning opportunities, look no further than St. Catharine College in Kentucky. You’ve found your college home.

It’s a great time to be on our campus. Generous donations from our alumni and friends have allowed us to expand our program offerings, staff, facilities and equipment to more fully meet the needs of our students. The centerpieces of our academic facilities are the Richard S. Hamilton Health and Science Building that features state-of-the-art medical laboratories; new chemistry, biology and physics labs; an auditorium; classrooms; computer labs and conference spaces and the Emily W. Hundley Library. 

Our campus is fully committed to delivering career-focused education grounded firmly in a proud liberal arts tradition. When you graduate from St. Catharine College, you’ll be well equipped to pursue the career of your choice, well-rounded as a person and a devoted lifelong learner. We are especially proud of our placement rate for our health science graduates. Our education program also boasts a high placement rate and is known statewide for the excellence of the teachers we graduate each year. St. Catharine College’s education program is the first completely field-based education program in the state of Kentucky.

Finally, no discussion of St. Catharine College would be complete without highlighting our Catholic roots and proud allegiance to the Dominican tradition in which we were founded. The high values and faith traditions of the Sisters who first envisioned this distinguished institution live on in everything we do.

About us

Mission Statement:
St. Catharine College, a Catholic, Dominican college inspired by its founders, welcomes all to the challenging pursuit of truth, preparing them to become critical thinkers, ethical leaders, and engaged citizens.

Vision Statement:
St. Catharine College will stand among the foremost private colleges in the country known for innovative academic and student development programs, the spirited loyalty of alumni, and the contribution of its graduates to society.

Core Values:
St. Catharine College will strive to live the 4 Pillars of Dominican Life:

Prayer: by growing in a spiritual relationship with God, self, others and all of creation

Study: by seeking truth and wholeness of mind, body and spirit within a liberal arts education, as life-long learners

Ministry: by providing opportunities to offer and share talents at the service of others

Community: by creating an atmosphere where mutual respect and concern are experienced daily


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